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Sedation Training
Moderate Sedation Training
Video and Exam
APP Policy Manual Advanced Practice                           Provider Policy
Medical Staff Bylaws CHWC
Medical Staff Bylaws
Disruptive Practitioner Disruptive Practitioner
MD0002 Disaster Policy Policy / Procedure
during Disaster
MD0003 Mod of Priv or Status How to modify
medical staff privileges or status
MD0004 Physician Complaint Complaint Resolution
MD0005 Access to Medical Staff Records Confidentiality and Access
policy for Credential files
MD0008 Timeline for Processing App Application
processing policy
MD0009 OPPE Ongoing Professional Practice
Evaluation Policy
MD0010 FPPE Focused Professional Practice
Evaluation Policy
MD0011 Prac Effectiveness  Practitioner Effectiveness /
Impairment Policy
Off Campus Department Emergencies
How to handle emergencies at CHWC locations without dedicated Emergency Room.
Rules and Regs Medical Staff
Rules and Regulations
MD0013 CHWC Peer Review CHWC
Peer Review