The Employee Philanthropy Program at Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers (CHWC) is made up of and led by staff whose goal is to support causes and help others in financial need. Each CHWC employee who chooses to deduct $1 or more per pay period is entitled to shareholder status, making them eligible to serve on a governing council which votes on all matters pertaining to the program. Additionally, the CHWC Board of Directors provides a dollar-for-dollar match for all funding staff brings in during pledge drives.


Eligible Organizations

Our Employee Philanthropy Program (EPP) grants funding to tax-exempt organizations operating or proposing to operate programs that benefit residents within CHWC’s service area, which is composed of Williams, Fulton, Defiance and Henry counties in Ohio.
Some examples of financial support priorities include programming for youth, older adults, community social services, community health and wellness, community mental health and community disease prevention.
Download: Organization Application


Eligible Individuals & Families
The EPP makes grants to individuals who are current or future employees and volunteers of CHWC as well as their spouses, children and other dependents. There is no restriction to only those employees who are currently contributing (or have previously contributed) to the EPP fund. Every effort will be made at all times to ensure that funds are granted in a manner that is open, transparent, objective, nondiscriminatory and by methods that are uniformly applied to potential recipients to ensure recipients are undergoing a hardship and are legitimately in need of assistance.

Download: Individual/Family Application